freaks in grindlefordWelcome to the home of Freaks in the Peaks border morris dancers.

Freaks in the Peaks is a co-operative morris dance group who perform their own interpretations of traditional welsh border morris dances, as well as modern dances created in the same style.

The dances are characterised by energy and enthusiasm, and were originally danced by seasonally unemployed workers who entertained the public in disguise, since morris dancing for money was considered a form of begging, and was therefore illegal.

freaks in yorkFreaks in the Peaks are made up of both male and female dancers and musicians. Originally, most members were from Manchester or Sheffield, but we now have members from as far as Scotland and London.

We meet on a quarterly basis in various villages throughout the Peak District and further afield. We have a workshop on a Saturday morning, followed by dancing locally Saturday afternoon. Sundays we walk to some other nearby village and entertain them.

freaks in whitbyWe welcome new members, with or without experience, so much so, we have created a page just for you. If you would like to join us, you can just show up at an event, or if you want to speak to someone for more information, please visit the contact page.

Freaks in the Peaks is a member of Open Morris.