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Youlgr(e)ave, October 6th–8th 2017

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Based in the village hall as usual, Church St., Youlgrave, DE45 1UR. Showers available!

There is a little parking around the Village Hall. Otherwise you can park either on the Main Road, Conksbury Lane, the Playing Fields on Alport Lane, or the car park at the top of the village (from village hall, up to main road and turn Left). The car park is at the end of the village on the right (easy to miss entrance — watch for blue P sign). As it's a walk you may wish to unload first.

Details of the schedule to be confirmed.

Accommodation etc.

Apart from the all floor (£5/night to stay), there is a youth hostel in the village: Fountain Square, Youlgreave, DE45 1UR, Tel 01629 673 518 or 0845 371 9151. Some more options on the village web site, along with other info on transport, camping, pubs etc.

There is post office and a recently-refitted shop, with a tea room, that we haven't seen, more details on the web site.


  • The charge for attending Freaks is £5 per head.
  • Freaks in the Peaks badges and t-shirts are available for sale on the day.
  • Dance and music notation are available from here (dances) or here (tunes) – feel free to suggest others. Please download these if you want them, though some paper copies might be available on the day.
  • If you have any good pictures, please send them to for the photo gallery.
  • See the contacts link if you need to contact us in general before before the event.
  • For info on the day or in advance, Dave's mobile is O7715 744O28, or maybe try Elmo's O7801 312466 on the day, depending on reception.
  • If you have them, please bring rag jackets or similar; bells; sticks/hankies; and photos of previous events!
  • If you find yourself needing our constitution, it's here
  • Lastly, a reminder that everyone is welcome – especially beginners and musicians

Following Event:

January-ish not arranged yet. Volunteers welcome!

March 23–25 2018, Spofforth, North Yorks


If you have been a few times and like Freaks then possibly you are feeling inspired to organise a Freaks, maybe somewhere near you, or simply somewhere Freaks has never been before, see our Tips for organisers (32Kb Word doc) or PDF version.